I never talked to other children or "young" people who were KIWILast Sunday, two young girls who were my host mother's friends' childred come to stay in my homestay. They came from Dunedin. They will stay here for seven days.

Both of they are violinist , and they are going to play the violin in a concert on Friday night.
They had to practice very late tonight, so my host father had to pick them up. Another reason is because they thought christchurch is a big and dangerous city, so the didn't want to walk to home, even though they just needed to walk ten mimutes.

The older one spoke very fast, but sometimes just said two or three words.
She has been to Japan to study Japanese, but she didn't stay there for a long time.
They go to bed early every day, it's very different than Taiwan.
The high school students usually go to bed late in Taiwan, as they have to study hard.
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